Evol is a German artist who studyed at the Kuopio Academy in Finland and received a degree in product design from Schwabisch Gmund in Germany. He's ben exibiting work since 2004 with his first solo show being held this mont at the Wilde Gallery in Berlin. 

"EVOL’s interests have focused on the overlooked and the refuse of urban offering visual comments and thoughts that remind us of the failure of modernism and its visions of an architectural utopia. EVOL draws our attention to the collective memory of places, a memory that is open ended, but in it’s decoding always seems to remain strangely personal. The artists‘ exploration of urban sites and the visual ‚background‘ noise of the city is a stark reminder of the transience of life as well as the certainty of death.
The pictures of EVOL are quite literally decaying from their moment of inception. The artist places materiality itself in the forefront of his expression of the urban condition, its promise of ruin and eventual cyclical gentrification.

Architectural elements dominate EVOL’s images and their photographic precision is the result of a multitude of labour-intensive stencils that are layered, applied and traced with spray cans on found wood and discarded cardboard. It is a reverse imaging process that finally arrives at a model of representation that is not painting, not photography, not graffiti and not drawing, but a synthesis of them all."

- Carson Chan

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